Importing event information from Flex into LASSO

This article is intended to assist in helping upload events from Flex into LASSO. Before following these instructions, you'll first need to be sure you have the exported file from Flex available and ready to be uploaded. To learn how to export a file from Flex, click here: Running the LASSO Export Report

1) Open the exported file from Flex containing the events you would like to import into LASSO, likely named as "LassoExport.csv"

2) Remove any empty rows that may appear between populated rows as a result of the export. (The file cannot be “double-spaced.”)

3) Please note: all fields including Client Name, Venue Name, Project Manager first and last name, and Event Positions in the file must be fully populated already in LASSO and spelled exactly as they appear in the system. The import will not match any missing information.

3a) Anyone listed in the exported file from Flex as a Project Manager must be noted as such in their LASSO crew profile. To make someone a Project Manager in LASSO, go to their crew profile, scroll down to the General Info tab, click on the edit “pencil,” and check the “Project Manager/Supervisor” box in the bottom right corner.

3b) For the positions, the Position Name AND Import Name must match exactly in LASSO. Please make a note of this when creating a new position in LASSO.

4) Save your csv file from Flex as a tab-delimited file (ending in .tsv)

5) In LASSO go to Administration > Import

6) Under Import Type select "Flex Events," and click the "Begin Import" button

7) Choose your tab-delimited file, ending in .tsv, and click the "Upload" button

8) Click the "Validate Event Import File" button. The system will check/review the file to ensure it is accurate and will match data in the file to existing system data in LASSO. If you received a "Failed Validation" message, resulting in a list of rows with errors that can be corrected, you must correct the errors in Flex, re-export the file, and re-upload.

9) Once your file passes validation (the system will indicate "Ready to Import"), click the "Import Event(s)" button 

10) Congratulations! Your events are now viewable under the "Unpublished" event section.*

*Please note: any changes you make to an event in Flex after it’s already been imported into LASSO, must also be made manually in LASSO for those changes to be reflected in LASSO.

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