How do I tag my crew? How do tags work?

Tags are a powerful tool for customizing LASSO and a great way to help you organize your crew members. You can tag your crew members with searchable text and then use those tags to filter potential invitees while crewing your event/show. For example, need to book someone who has a specific skill, certification, equipment proficiency, or experience? With tags, it's easy! First, you setup your tags. Under the Administration tab, select Tags & Statuses. Click the Edit button, then "Add Tag." Enter the name of your tag, the category, a brief description of the tag, choose the color, and limit the tag to certain positions if desired. Now, click Save and you are ready to add the tag to your crew members. To tag a crew member, go to their profile page, click the '+' button under the Tag section and search for the tag you created. You can remove tags by simply clicking the ‘x’ next to the tag name that you want to remove from the crew member. Note: Tags & Statuses are not viewable by crew members.

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