How do I rate my crew? Are my ratings visible to crew?

There are two ways to rate crew: through the LASSO app and through the LASSO admin on the crew member’s profile page. Supervisors and Project Managers can rate the crew members of an event in the LASSO app after the event is Completed by clicking the My Crew section and viewing the crew. Administrators and any other users in LASSO with the ‘Add/Edit Ratings’ permission may also rate a crew member from the crew member's profile page by clicking on the Ratings tab. The Ratings tab allows you to view and add crew ratings at any time. To add a rating, simply select the position, click "Add" on the right and enter the rating, the event and any internal comments you might have. Crew ratings are visible to users in LASSO granted the ‘View Ratings’ permission; crew members cannot see ratings. The rating feature is intended for internal use only. Ratings can also be used as filters when searching for crew.

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