How do I update my availability through the LASSO app?

We have added the capability for crew/staff members to indicate their availability through the LASSO mobile app.

A 'Manage Availability' option has been added to the Profile section of the mobile app. When selected, this section enables you to indicate the days you are unavailable by entering the date(s) and an optional comment. This information is then automatically updated on the Calendar tab of your Crew Profile for your employer.

If you work for multiple LASSO customers, you have the option to decide which companies to inform of your unavailability by checking the box next to the company name.

When a date is entered, the system performs a conflict check to evaluate if any of the dates overlap with dates for which you are already on a Roster. If so, you will receive an alert and will not be allowed to submit the unavailability.

Once successfully submitted, the Calendar on your profile in LASSO is updated accordingly, including the date, time and username. Note: you will not receive any work invitations or confirmations for dates you have marked yourself as ‘Unavailable.’

You have the ability to remove any upcoming unavailable dates.

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